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My name is Giana and I am a professional full time makeup artist since 2015, based in Chicago, IL.

My Story

I've started by learning everything about makeup by myself in Romania, my home country. I worked as a makeup artist there. After I moved to USA, I had the opportunity to learn from the best makeup artists in the industry such as: Mario Dedivanovic, Daneesa Myricks, Valentyna Lelyukh, etc. I had the opportunity to learn all their tips and tricks, I attended a lot of online masterclasses and in person, and learned how to do: celebrity makeup, photoshooting makeup, bridal makeup, etc.

In 7 years of experience, I've done makeup on all skin types, a lot of nationalities and cultures. I am specialized in recognizing every skin type, in matching the foundation with the skin tone and delivering  flawless eye makeup, according  to your eyes shape. I can provide really subtle makeup, really natural, or more complex  

 such as bronzy makeup, smokey eyes.  I am focusing on the skin to look flawless, and using as little product as possible, for a natural skin effect.


I love makeup and I am doing it because first, this is my passion,and  second, it is my job. I am really focused on the details, and I really pay a lot of  attention on my client's preferences. 

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